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Innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture

What we offer?

INTERJOSPAL offers a wide range of innovative nutritional solutions, with the aim of being the benchmark in agricultural nutrition for our customers.


INTERJOSPAL carries out the research into new products through tests in various vegetable crops, carried out in our stations located in Almería, Argelia and the Valley of Jordan.


INTERJOSPAL has managed to obtain the Innovative SME seal from the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain. At INTERJOSPAL we are committed to innovation.

Lastest news

Technical session in Syria (May 2024)

Last week, the team attended a technical workshop in Syria where we observed the excellent results of our products on local crops. The positive feedback from our customers encourages us to continue to improve and promote more sustainable agriculture. Our natural products not only improve crop quality and productivity, but also support environmentally responsible farming practices. We remain committed to innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

Women's Event at the Tecnova Experimental Centre (May 2024)

We recently attended the 'Women in Science, Agriculture and Sustainability' conference organised by Tecnova. There they shared the interesting progress they are making in projects that promote the development of sustainable agriculture. We would like to thank the organisers of this event and also highlight the fundamental role that women play in the achievements and advances in the field of agriculture.

VITA TERRA Project (May 2024)

As part of the VITA TERRA Operational Group project, we have started soil improvement trials in olive groves using the product developed based on micro-organisms. Our team visited the olive grove of Oro del Desierto (Almería), where we were able to appreciate the unique characteristics of the crop in which the product will be applied. Together with the other companies involved in the project: Tecnova, Citoliva, Groditech, we are sure that we will achieve important results in optimising the cultivation of olive trees. We will keep you informed about the progress of the project.

Expolevante Agriculture Fair (April 2024)

The INTERJOSPAL team attended Expolevante 2024, one of the most important international agricultural fairs held in Almeria, Spain. This event celebrates the work of the farmer and is designed to meet his needs. It was an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the latest innovations in the sector, make contact with our customers and better understand their needs. We also took the opportunity to meet with suppliers to develop products to meet the changing needs of the market.

Results on pepper cultivation, Brazil (April 2024)

Results from Brazil on a pepper crop on sandy loam soil using Maxima Bet. This product is able to improve the fertility of this type of soil and strengthen the plants against drought and extreme temperatures. It also improves nutrient uptake, resulting in a stronger root system and therefore stronger plants with more branches and better quality fruit, as shown in the picture.

Coffee cultivation results, Brazil (April 2024)

Results from Brazil on a sandy loam coffee crop with the combination of Maxima Bet and Josparoot Plus. The picture shows the results between a control and a treated plot. This powerful combination improves resistance to temperature and salinity extremes, optimises soil conditions, promotes optimal root development and facilitates nutrient uptake. We will continue to share the crop advances resulting from this collaboration with Brazil.

Support from the InnoXport Program of the Almeria Chamber of Commerce.

INTERJOSPAL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an Action Plan with the aim of improving its positioning in foreign markets through the implementation of innovative solutions during the year 2020. The InnoXport Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Almeria has supported the project.

XPANDE DIGITAL Program of the Almería Chamber of Commerce

INTERJOSPAL, S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan with the aim of improving its online positioning in foreign markets during the year 2021. To this end, it has had the support of the XPANDE DIGITAL Program of the Almeria Chamber of Commerce.

Innovative SME Seal of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Interjospal has been awarded the Innovative SME seal by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. At Interjospal we are committed to innovation.

Development of new formulations from microorganisms

At INTERJOSPAL we are committed to innovation by harnessing microbial resources to promote sustainable and productive agriculture. The company will participate in two R&D projects focused on the manufacture of products based on microorganisms. Through collaboration with academic institutions, research centers and local and international farmers, the efficacy of the products will be validated.

Expansion in the Dominican Republic market

INTERJOSPAL has successfully expanded its presence in the Dominican Republic market with its plant nutrition products. As recognized leaders in sustainable agriculture, we offer innovative solutions for rice and corn crops in the country. The company is committed to providing technical advice and ongoing support to Dominican farmers to ensure the success of their crops and guarantee optimal results.

INTERJOSPAL at Expo KERMAN 2023, in Iran.

Together with our agent in Iran, NOYAN Company, we participated in this event in Kerman, where the main producers of high-quality pistachios in the region are located. Our innovative products were very well received by the visitors, who appreciated our commitment to excellent and agricultural development in the country. At INTERJOSPAL we are committed to the advancement and excellent of the agricultural industry.

INTERJOSPAL’S team in Iraq.

After the commercial visit of the INTERJOSPAL team to our customers in Iraq, we would like to express our appreciation for the welcome and positive feedback received. We are optimistic about the future of this cooperation. We are also committed to providing you with detailed information on the results and progress of our collaboration. Thank you for your support and confidence in INTERJOSPAL.

INTERJOSPAL at Expo Damascus Agriculture, in Aleppo, Syria.

In collaboration with our local agent, ALMASSA, we had the honour of participating in this important event in Syria. We showcase our innovative products and high-quality services that reflect company’s commitment to excellence in the agricultural industry. We would like to thank all visitors for their interest and for sharing their experiences with us during the exhibition. We will continue working together to offer innovative solutions that promote agricultural development, meeting the needs of our customers.

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